A True Love Story

A True Love Story.

Okay I finally finished “The English Patient” it was like watching “Titanic” in the desert. It was a good movie, maybe better than good, the acting was top shelf and cinematography was fantastic. “The English Patient” was a long, slow moving story of pain and suffering, in which the main characters all die tragically.  However, there were brief glimpses of love fulfilled so that true love was allowed to blossom and grow into something beautiful, and then it was snatched away by circumstance. Shakespeare gave us the first tragic love story in “Romeo and Juliet” and mankind has been remaking it ever since.  While Titanic was basically the same story only it took place in the North Atlantic, “The English Patient” was your typical, sappy, tragic love story that took place in hot Sahara Desert. But, if you want a true and wonderful love story you will have to turn to “King Kong.”

The problem with both “The English Patient” and “Titanic” was that there was no monkey. You’ve got to have a monkey to make a really good love story. Even one of the greatest love story movies of all time, “Casablanca” had a monkey. Right in the opening scene when the camera and narrator were showing, and telling the audience what life was like in war torn Casablanca, one of street merchants had a monkey wearing a fez. In “King Kong” this huge, ugly monkey fell in love with this blond bombshell, Ann Darrow. Ann first met Kong on a visit to his island, Ann and her soon to be boyfriend, John Driscoll arrived on Kong’s island with a film crew. Ann was immediately attacked and about to be devoured by a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but Kong saves her by killing the prehistoric beast. It was the first time that Kong had seen a white, blonde woman and was instantly taken by her beauty.  Anxious to show Kong off to his rich friends, the movie director, Carl Dennem captured the huge gorilla and packed him on a ship to New York. Kong didn’t warm up to New York, but he was in love with this blonde beauty and hoped that she would return with him to back to his island. There love could never be because she already had a boyfriend and Kong being born and raised in the country longed for his country home while Ann is a city girl and would never adjust.

Ann spurned Kong’s advances and after destroying a good portion of the city in a jealous rage, Kong with Ann held firmly in his grasp made his way to the Empire State Building. He thought of climbing, what was then the tallest building in the world, as a means of escape from the police and army trying to take him down with heavy artillery. He looked up at the huge skyscraper and then at the raving beauty in his grasp and decided “to hell with it.”  He set her down on the street, after taking one more longing look at the women he loved he said “Here’s looking at you kid.”

Kong eventually found his way back to the jungle where he was crowned King of the Island for killing that wretched T-Rex that was the bane of existence to all life on the island, both beast and man alike. As for what became of Ann and John was left up to us, the audience to draw our own conclusion. Did they find true love in each other or was their love based on their experience with the over grown ape. With Kong now gone perhaps their love withered and died and they were left with only memories and dreams of how things could have been if Kong had not interrupted a delicate and budding love.

They don’t know how to make love stories any more. Love can be found anywhere, even in the burning desert of war torn Africa, or on board a sinking ship in the North Atlantic but all of key characters don’t have to die in the end. “Casablanca” ended beautifully with the lovers and heroes doing what heroes do, by placing the needs of the many before the needs of the few or the one.


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