A misguided look at Mosquitoes

mosquito_634_600x450It was a beautiful night for golf in Greenbush last Wednesday, warm, sunny with enough of a breeze to keep the mosquitoes at bay. Five holes into the round the breeze dies off and then the mosquitoes came out. Standing on the number seven tee waiting for the group ahead to finish we were inhaling the little devils. They were very troublesome during the post golf barbeque as well. If you did not notice these little devils you were either unconscious or dead. I was standing next to the grill waiting for my food to finish cooking when Brett Dallager warned me of a mosquito drilling into the top of my head. I didn’t feel it and I told Brett that there wasn’t much blood up there anyway, which should have been obvious by the way I played. You may have heard that only the female mosquitoes bite and that is true, blood is essential in the egg laying process. So if you are getting chewed by mosquitoes there’re female making them easy to spot; the males can be more difficult to identify. The males are basically scavengers that hang around flowers looking of nectar. You can spot the males because they don’t bite but like to hang around food looking for handouts. Some of the bigger alpha males were trying to take off with the steaks cooking on the grill. Another way to spot the males is to look closely because they have antlers all though they are in velvet this time of year. For this reason the males are called bucks, making the females does. The bigger does were having the time of their lives with the guys who like their steak cooked rare. They would land on the edge of the plate and dive into the red steak blood that oozed out the steak and pooled onto the plate. If it appears to you that there are a lot more female mosquitoes than male ones I think you’re right, after all on buck and can service a lot of does.


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