Late Spring Robins

I have been fascinated by birds for thirty years; my yard is very bird friendly with a large wide open lawn surrounded by trees. I have feeders that I keep full year round, we have cherry trees, flowering crabs and wild raspberries that attract a variety of song birds, and I also have a bluebird box that will yield two broods per season. I can sit out in my lawn chair with binoculars in hand be entertained for hours.
This afternoon I was watching a robin pull worms out of ground and was amazed as to how he used his beak to chop the worms in small pieces, he has young ones to feed. Then he methodically wrapped these worm pieces around his beak, with one more look around he took flight to a nest of hungry hatchlings close by.
A short time later another robin came close by my chair, he was an adult male but smaller and worms he found were all for himself. He was, no doubt, one of last year’s brood with no nest to take of; he was doing fine until a larger adult male with mouths to feed came by and chased the youngster out of the immediate area. I had great entertainment at such a small price.


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