My Blog the Introduction

My Hiking Hat

My blog, the introduction.


I have always liked to dabble with the quill going back to high school where I took a course in creative writing. I have written articles for the local paper and I also pen the Golf News article for the paper during the men’s league golf season. All in all I’m not a good writer; I have no pedigree, no education or training. My spelling is horrible, my grammar is suspect and my punctuation has room for improvement. I tend to omit some of the small words that seem insignificant but are important for a good sentence flow. Fortunately I have three children who are all terrific writers and have education behind them so they are my proof readers. Without them I would have died on the vine years ago. After all of this time of writing it never occurred to me to write a blog until I was inspired Shane Isane’s who began a blog of his own, it appeared on Facebook.


So, what you are going to be reading in my blog will be variety of things all of which have been born and fed inside a deranged mind. I have a different way of viewing the world and am not afraid to put those thoughts on paper, within reason. I will write about sports, religion, faith, some history most of which will be laced with humor. I hope you enjoy my ravings and I look forward to any comments or criticism you may have.



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